Speed to a business outcome

Speed to an outcome is the most important factor governing business today. As a service delivers pay-as-you-go technology expense that flexes as your business does. This combined approach provides an agile platform for business growth. So why are so many businesses hesitating?

Continuing to forecast technology capex is a high-risk strategy... unless you have a crystal ball. The ability to scale technology expenditure up or down in line with revenue and business needs is common sense.

Better results for all

To achieve a better result for all requires a rethink. We work with vendors and partners to deliver technology that satisfies business outcomes. This creates alignment between buyers, sellers and vendors of technology. This ensures that vendors are listening to the needs of customers. Buyers are able to understand what they are buying and the business benefits. And, partners are incentivised to provide the right outcome for their customers.

Simpler and easier options for technology across these categories

  • AppsPoint
    • ADSync
    • Email Compliance
    • Hosted Desktop Enterprise
    • Hosted Dynamics CRM
    • Hosted Project Server
    • Hosted SharePoint
    • Office in a Box Suite
    • Secure Hosted Exchange
    • Web Hosting

  • CommsPoint
    • Enterprise Hosted Voice
    • Fax2Email
    • Internet Links

  • IronPoint
    • Backup & DR
    • Colocation
    • Licensing
    • Managed Services
    • Network Security
    • Premium Dedicated Internet
    • Premium Shared Internet
    • Standard Shared Internet
    • Virtual Data Centre
    • Inter Data Centre Bandwidth

  • Professional Services
    • Software Development
    • Technical Services
    • Support

  • StorePoint
    • Backup Appliances
    • DRaaS
    • Enterprise Cloud Backup
    • Secure Cloud Vault
    • Simple Cloud Backup
    • Virtual Infrastructure Backup

Making decisions just got easier

You are accountable to deliver business outcomes with the aid of technology. Now you no longer need to understand technobabble or have specialised knowledge. Your only decision is to define the outcomes your business needs.

As a service means you no longer have to manage technology. Your business can get on with doing business.

No more compromise

Now you can buy and consume technology as you go. You are automatically future-proofed with technology that is always up-to-date.

Simple. Scalable. Secure.

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